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If I was a doctor:
Hot footballer: I sprained my wrist.
Me: Okay take off your underwear.


“Maldini taught me how to conduct myself. Taught me how to win, lose, sniff out a goal, come up with an assist, sit on the bench, suffer, celebrate, play, behave, get angry, forgive, turn the other cheek, land the first blow, be myself and sometimes someone else. Showed me how to stay quiet, speak, decide, trust, turn a blind eye, have both eyes wide open, take stock of a situation, act on instinct, stand on my own, welcome others in, be the captain, steer the ship, change course, lead the way. Everything and its opposite. Maldini is himself, but he’s also a part of me. Extract from Pirlo’s book.
Before Italy games, Daniele De Rossi would hide under Rino’s bed and wait. He’d be there for anything up to half an hour. Gattuso would come in, brush his teeth, stick on his leopard-print pyjamas, get into bed, take out a book and look at the pictures. Just as he was about to fall asleep, Daniele would reach up from under the bed and grab his sides, while I’d burst out of the wardrobe like the worst kind of lover, making horrendous noises. Rino took it really well, despite risking a massive heart attack. First he’d beat up Daniele and then he’d do the same to me. Just to prove he was even handed. —Pirlo in his autobiography; I seriously cannot even anymore with these tonti :D :D Pirlossi playing pranks on Gattuso, I MEAN HOW HILARIOUS IS THAT?! (via juvetiamo1897)


World Cup color palette (insp)